GiveAway is an Indian public-benefit enterprise which has built a global crowdsourcing platform focused on channelising product donations to the needy.

We are a product based crowd funding space for social causes, mainly focused on providing access to online infrastructure to the deprived individuals and establishments. As a crowd funding platform our USP is our collaboration with varied corporates, bringing them onboard for the right campaigns.

The term crowdfunding is defined as, “the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers”.

At Giveaway, one can source donations in-kind for various social causes. Any organisation or an individual can become a verified entity with us, and can run their campaigns, inviting contributors across the globe.

GiveAway basically has three main entities,

Corporates: Since, Giveaway is based on in-kind donations, we have successfully associated with different corporates across sectors, to efficiently materialise various contributions and to facilitate the fulfilment of campaigns.

Contributors: They are the individuals who contribute to various campaigns through their donations.

Campaigners: They are the Giveaway verified organisations and individuals who run various campaigns .

If you want to know more about how it works, try browsing around and looking at some of the projects on the site — you can start right here.

Yes, but each campaign needs to be scrutinised and approved by GiveAway.

we only facilitate the contributions from the donor to the beneficiary via the corporate.

Nothing to worry, whatever contributions made, will be definitely delivered to you within the stipulated time frame.

We have given a communication window for the campaigner to give periodic updates to the donor.

No, We never charge our donors. Moreover, Giveaway is the only platform which charges neither the donor nor the beneficiary.

Yes, Any registered individual can raise products at Giveaway through their own campaigns. Provided they get verified and approved by the platform. Also, their campaign details will also be thoroughly scrutinised.

we are accepting contributions across the world.

  • We are the only product crowdsourcing platform in india, which facilitates contributions 'in-kind' to various welfare groups.
  • Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we charge neither the beneficiary nor the donor.
  • We are the only platform which gives maximum creditbility for every paise spent on each campaign.

We have various measures in place to ensure the legitimacy of the Campaigner. Most of the Campaigns at our platform are hosted by welfare organisations and individuals verified by Giveaway, thereby ensuring maximum credibility.

Since, we only facilitate the contributions 'in-kind', we dont offer any tax exemptions.

Yes, we do facilitate contributions through international payment.

No, we only accept digital payments.

GiveAway has partnered with Razorpay, a highly secure payment gateway. We accept and validate internet payments via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and wallets.

Each contribution will be facilitated by GiveAway with the corresponding Corporate, which will deliver the products to the intended beneficiary.

GiveAway is very particular about the kind and current status of NGOs that wants to utilise the platform. There records will be thoroughly scrutinised by the GiveAway team.

They should also have the following documents:

  • Pan Card/Incorporation Document/Trust and Society Deed/Registration Certificate
  • 80G Registration Certificate(if applicable)
  • Undertaking

You have to register at GiveAway. Once you login, you will find an option to upload your documents in your Profile page.

If you have any other queries, please mail us at contact@giveawayindia.org. You can also connect with us through our chat window support.