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Mohamed Asif
Mohamed Asif12 June, 2017
Animal Welfare

One of the largest species of mammals to ever walk the earth, yet gentle and calm, the Asian elephant. The Asian elephant has been a part of our long-standing tradition that we hold dear to us. In some cultures, they are viewed as religious and as a sign of strength, while also viewed as 'adorable' and loveable, equally by everyone from different backgrounds.


This 'gentle giant' has helped us in every way possible over the course of history, and now its time to give back. This species of elephants has seen a great reduction of its population, just over the past 60-70 years. In fact, it is even an endangered species.


The elephants that we see today, are forced into captivity where they are treated in inhumane conditions. They are constantly tied up, and, beaten, poked and prodded constantly forced to comply with the demands of its master. This majestic creature should be its own master, explore the wild and lift its trunk only to either play or eat fresh fruits. But, it is forced to perform tricks for a couple of laughs, at the expense of its freedom. From years on end, in captivity, it has led these animals to develop serious mental and psychological conditions, also reducing their lifespan.


At GiveAway, we have tied up with one, Dr. Supraja Dharini, who is the founder of tree foundation. Who has fought relentlessly and did not quit until she saw the release of these elephants from the chains of captivity until they have reached a safe haven.

She and her team have worked to set up this haven, from ground up, with miles of lush green lands and tall trees, to give back to these elephants, their lost youth in the wild.

They work hard to provide medical aid to these animals and nurse them back to health. They also have set up in place new saplings, and collect food for these majestic creatures. Yet, we have a long way to go, and with your help, we will be able to bring in more elephants and truly treat them with the care and love, they deserve.