What is GiveAway?

GiveAway is India's first and only product crowdsourcing platform that uses an online and mobile interface to connect donors-to-verified beneficiaries where anyone from across the globe will be able to donate a range of essentials/products to the needy. This is done by providing a trusted platform where donors will be able to track the impact of their contributions.

What do we do?

We are an online marketplace playing the role of facilitator between the haves and have-nots. We use technology to source donations from any corner of the world and use our expertise in building "need databases" to ensure the right target mass is served.

Our Mission and Vision

To make it a truly global platform, GiveAway has now partnered with renowned e-commerce platforms, such as food panda, Big basket, snapdeal, Swiggy, and sunnybee, through which donors from any part of the world can become our partners in doing good

Our vision to create a global platform, which connects every person in need to a person who can address it, through technological and disruptive innovations.

Who are we and what is our story?

Mohamed Asif MH, Nareshwar Sivanesan and Fahd Khaleel Wallajah were basking on the Marina beach in Chennai (south India) when they saw an old man searching for food in a pile of garbage. Just a stone's throw away, a seemingly middle-class family was seen tossing their left-overs - a full plate meal that could have fed at least two hungry souls.

Reflecting back on this instance, without wasting much time, the trio - two of whom are Computer Engineers and the other an Economics graduate - got together and discussed the issue. They realized that technology can be a great enabler to materialize their dream.

What is the GiveAway family like?

The GiveAway family is exactly what it's called. A Family! A group of closely-knit individuals who are highly motivated to bring forth change. We work tirelessly till our visions become a reality. We are an enthusiastic bunch who will jump at any opportunity, to further the cause and will rise to face all challenges along the way. We are ever ready to listen to you and if you ever feel like helping out a soul, with little to no hassles please feel free to get in touch with us at contact@giveawayindia.org. We sure will appreciate it and we know that a small kid's or widow's gratitude will be yours forever.